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Once again those in business would benefit from this feature on their cell phones. You can listen to voicemail. Your E-mail message is read to you by an automated assistant. You reply your E-mail by voice message that sent as an attachment. You can forward faxes and E-mail messages to a fax machine to be printed out. The selling points of this feature is that you save money on not having to purchase expensive devices to take care of business while away from your computer. It is convenient and easy to use. It is an efficient system and it is flexible. For the younger generation, text messaging is another great pastime! You will have to sign up for a certain ‘package’ that will denote how much you will be charged for certain amount of messaging. This will vary from company to company but will range in cost from $4.99 to $19.99 extra a month. One company advertises that they have a plan ‘just for kids’. You’ve seen the TV commercials where the parents go ballistic on their kids for going over their phone time. Well, there’s the answer just get them their own phone plan. Better than the proverbial allowance!


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