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Cell Phones To The Rescue

Earlier in this report we talked about Police and Fire Department and Emergency facilities using the mobile phones. Now there is a cell phone titled the Safe Guardian Mobile Pal Personal Assistance GP Safety Cell Phone + GPS Locator. It is one of the fastest selling gifts for seniors. You can simply hit a button and you are connected with a Personal Assistant. You can even bypass the Person assistant and dial directly to a 911 service. Even if you don’t know where you are you can be located by the Global Positioning Satellite technology that is built into the phone. It never needs recharging Need batteries checked every few months) and has a built in siren to get attention if being attacked. The package you purchase also has options where you can make calls to any phone number, provides auto accident assistance in connection with your insurance provider. Another option that is available is driving directions. For businessmen and women this would be an invaluable tool.

One county in Illinois has been making plans to distribute cell phones to some 800 seniors at their next health fair in 2006. They have been collecting and repairing cell phone to give away just to help protect the seniors. The phones are not under any service plans but they have to be able to call 911 on them. Seniors can be easy targets
of crime and this county is trying to do something about it!


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