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Talking and Driving

There are studies being done all the time to determine whether or not a person should be talking on a cell phone or even using one of the listening apparatus. There are not a lot of statistics yet concerning the use of cell phones causing accidents. It does appear that conclusions are being drawn that multitasking while you are driving is not safe. We have all been on the highway and seen someone definitely more engaged in their conversation than in their driving. There is talk of letting states ban or not ban the use of cell phones while driving. But how do regulate common sense or acting responsibly. We probably don’t need any more regulating and big business would be hard to fight against. Unfortunately there would have to be a lot more accidents caused by the distraction of using a cell phone before anything would be done. It is true that there are many distractions on the road. Being young and inexperienced driving with a cell phone or elderly and not being able to react quickly enough are problems this nation will have to deal with. We will need to look at all the information before us about cell phones and be honest enough to ask, “Do I really need to talk now”? Wouldn’t it wait for just a few more minutes? It could mean avoiding an accident. Wouldn’t it be worth it?


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